#WiltsVote2017 - Box and Colerne

In the local Wiltshire Council elections, held on May 4th 2017 Dr Brian Mathew, was elected as the Councillor for the Box and Colerne seat. The turnout was 49.21% and his majority was 161. We spoke to Brian just after the result was announced.  Watch video >>

#WiltsVote2017 - Corsham Pickwick

In the local Wiltshire Council elections, held on May 4th 2017 Ruth Hopkinson, was elected as the Councillor for the Corsham Pickwick seat. The turnout was 39.76% and her majority was 152. We spoke to Ruth just after the result was announced.  Watch video >>

#WiltsVote2017 - Corsham Town

In the local Wiltshire Council elections, held on May 4th 2017 Philip Whalley, was re-elected as the Councillor for the Corsham Town seat. The turnout was 48.96% and his majority was 234. We spoke to Philip just after the result was announced.  Watch video >>

#WiltsVote2017 - Corsham Without & Box Hill

In the local Wiltshire Council elections, held on May 4th 2017 Ben Anderson, was elected as the Councillor for the Corsham Without and Box Hill seat, which includes Lacock. The turnout was 41.34% and his majority was 654. We spoke to Ben just after the result was announced.  Watch video >>

Your Vote Counts!

Local elections are being held on May 4th for Wiltshire Council, as well as for our local Parishes and the Corsham Town Council. Corsham TV asked former Corsham School pupil Ben Hayday, who is now studying politics at University, to present his own personal view on why it is important for everyone to get out and vote.  Watch video >>

Corsham Town Council Elections 2017

There are local elections for both Wiltshire, Parish and Corsham Town Council on May 4th 2017. The Chief Executive of Corsham Town Council, David Martin, told us why people who live or work in Corsham should consider becoming Town Councillors and what the role of the Town Council is. If you're thinking of standing let us know via our Corsham Television Facebook page!  Watch video >>

Official Opening of Springfield Campus

On Thursday 16th February, Corsham's Springfield Campus was officially opened by Baroness Jane Scott OBE, the Leader of Wiltshire Council, who talked about the vision behind the Campus as a hub for the whole community.  Watch video >>

Corsham Community Awards 2017

Do you know someone who goes that extra mile for the Corsham Community? If so, why not nominate them for one of the Town Council's Community Awards. Nominations are open until March 3rd and the Awards will be presented on April 9th. Ruth Hopkinson, Chair of the Town Council explains what the Community Awards are all about.  Watch video >>

Corsham Youth Council

The Corsham Youth Council was set up in 2008 by the Corsham Town Council with representatives of Corsham's 6 Primary Schools along with students from The Corsham School to advise the Council. They work on a wide range of issues including recently a survey that looked at sports facilities for young people in Corsham, compiling a time capsule not to be opened until 2065, as well as giving their feedback on a parkour area and helping with the Keep Corsham Tidy campaign. The group’s monthly meetings, during term-time, are held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall. The Youth Councillors vote for their own Chairman, who holds the position for six months to enable as many people as possible to experience the role.  For more information, email Sharon Thomas, Head of Community Services: sthomas@corsham.gov.uk.  Watch video >>

Corsham Community Awards 2016

The 2016 Corsham Community Awards were announced at the Town Council Annual Town Meeting on April 21st. Corsham TV was there to film the presentations, interview the winners and discover the wide-ranging reasons for their nominations.  Watch video >>

Result of Corsham Town Council By Election

Corsham's Pickwick Ward had a by-election for the Town Council on October 15th 2015. Corsham TV filmed the result and got the first comments from the winning candidate, who won with a majority of just 19 votes.  Watch video >>

Town Council By Election Candidates

On Thursday, October 15th 2015, two candidates are contesting a By Election to be elected as a Corsham Town Councillor for Pickwick Ward. In this video we speak to both candidates about their reasons for standing and their ambitions and concerns for Corsham. The polls are open on Thursday from 7am-10pm.  Watch video >>

Corsham Area Board

Wiltshire Councils Corsham Area Board meets regularly to make decisions affecting our area, but how does it work? Cllr Alan MacRae who Chairs the Board, told us at the last meeting that the Area Boards are bringing the Council's work to even more local levels and hopes more people will get involved.  Watch video >>

Wiltshire Council's challenge for 2015

In her first interview for Corsham TV, Jane Scott, the Leader of Wiltshire Council, talked about the challenges the Council faces as budgets become even tighter, losing 47% of their Government grant over the last 5 years and how this means they have to find different ways of delivering services, as the demand for them also grows.  Watch video >>

What is Corsham Town Council?

Corsham Town Council has 20 councillors but what does it do, how does it work, how is it funded and what powers has it got? The Chair of the Council, Councillor Ruth Hopkinson told us some of the background to their work.  Watch video >>

Leader of Wiltshire Council talks about Corsham's Mansion House

A week after the announcement over the funding for Corsham's Mansion House we asked Jane Scott, the leader of Wiltshire Council, for details of the plans, the timing and what the development of #Digital Corsham could mean for our town.  Watch video >>

A New Year for Corsham Town Council

2015 is a big year for Corsham as there's lots of consultations going on about the future of our town and the surrounding area. Just what sort of planning and development do residents and businesses want and how can local companies and the High Street thrive? The Chair of the Town Council, in her first interview for Corsham TV, hopes that people will get more involved in the life of our town and she welcomes the opportunities offered by Corsham TV. If you've questions you'd like us to ask the Town Council, just email us at hello@corshamtv.tv  Watch video >>