'Home for Christmas'

The Colerne Military Wives Choir have joined with 62 other Military Wives Choirs to release a Christmas album, 'Home for Christmas'. We filmed an exclusive performance by the Colerne choir of the single and title track, that's bidding for the Number One spot this Christmas. The lyrics reflect the feelings of those who cannot spend Christmas with their loved ones and is set to the tune of the carol, 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing'.  Watch video >>

Corsham Christmas Lights Switch On 2016

On Friday 2nd December 2016, Corsham's High Street was packed with hundreds of people, in anticipation of the annual Christmas Lights Switch On. Rachel Avent, one of the main organisers, helps us relive the event which saw Paralympic Swimmer, Stephanie Millward and this years annual 'Design a Christmas Card' competition winners, light up Corsham.  Watch video >>

Corsham's Christmas Tree Festival 2016

Since 2008, St Bartholomew's Church in Corsham has hosted the Christmas Tree Festival, when various community groups and organisations come together to decorate a tree on a particular theme. This year it's 'O Little Town of Bethlehem' and from December 2nd, after the Christmas Lights Switch On, the Festival will be open for visitors in the Church. On the 2nd you also have the chance to vote for your winner of the People's Choice Award. The festival will be open until Sunday 11th December from 9am until 6pm on weekdays and 11:30am until 6pm on Sundays.  Watch video >>

'A Gift Called Love' for Christmas Day 2015

We left this Nativity scene and song from Corsham Primary School until last, as it's perfect for Christmas Day. Here's Year 2 and Year 3 with a very 'sleepy sheep' in danger of drowning out the message from the Angels with his snoring and then the song 'A Gift Called Love'. Thanks to everyone at Corsham Primary School for taking part and a very Happy Christmas to Corsham from Corsham TV!  Watch video >>

On the Twelfth Day of a Corsham Christmas...

...12 Christmas messages from Corsham, as well as Year 2 and Year 3 at the Broadwood site of Corsham Primary School, rounding off our 12 Days of a Corsham Christmas with 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'! Don't miss our Christmas Day video tomorrow!  Watch video >>

On the Eleventh Day of a Corsham Christmas...

...we've the man himself. An exclusive interview with Father Christmas when he visited Corsham with his reindeer during the Corsham Town Council's Christmas Lights Switch On Event. Not to be missed!  Watch video >>

On the Tenth Day of a Corsham Christmas...

...singing from Corsham Primary School's Year 4 and Year 6 definitely scores a 10! We filmed both Sleigh Ride and Jingle Bell Rock while the children were rehearsing for the School Concert at Corsham's Campus. Enjoy!  Watch video >>

On the Ninth Day of a Corsham Christmas...

...we went to Corsham Fire Station and got 9 crucial life-saving fire prevention tips from Corsham's Firefighters for the festive period.  Watch video >>

On the Eighth Day of a Corsham Christmas...

...the 8 best Christmas books recommended by Janet at the Corsham bookshop. It's not too late to get the perfect Christmas literary gift, so this video might just help!  Watch video >>

On the Seventh Day of a Corsham Christmas...

...7 simple steps to Christmas decoration perfection! Helen Way from Corsham High Street's All the Pretty Things, shows us the secret of needle felting and how to make a quick and simple decoration for your tree.  Watch video >>

On the Sixth Day of a Corsham Christmas....

...we've 6 festive animals, with reindeer, donkeys and goats from the Whitehall Garden Centre on the Corsham Road in Lacock. Ann-Marie Holt, who looks after them, when they're not busy helping Father Christmas, told us more! More information at: http://www.whitehallgardencentre.co.uk  Watch video >>

On the Fifth Day of a Corsham Christmas....

...we've 5 essential exercises to fight those Christmas calories! Wendy Harrison runs Wendy's Workout at the Corsham Campus & in Box, for people between 16 and 85. Here she offers some simple Christmas exercise tips that any of us can do, to help beat the mince pies!  Watch video >>

On the Fourth Day of a Corsham Christmas....

...Four Essential Corsham Christmas Events. In the fourth of our '12 Days of a Corsham Christmas', we turned to the Tourist Information Centre in the High Street for their 4 most important events in the Corsham Christmas Calendar!  Watch video >>

On the Third Day of a Corsham Christmas...

...Three Wise Men Searching for a Star. In the third of our '12 Days of a Corsham Christmas', Corsham Primary School children from both school sites, from Reception and Year 1 sing that 'Bethlehem is Full' and children from Years 2 and 3 set the scene for a Christmas Nativity scene. We've a lot more to come from Corsham Primary School, as we get closer to Christmas.  Watch video >>

On the Second Day of a Corsham Christmas...

...Two Towns a Twinning. In the second of our '12 Days of a Corsham Christmas', Corsham's Twinning Association talks about the town of Jargeau, which Corsham has been twinned with since 1981, and sends them a French Happy Christmas message!  Watch video >>

On the First Day of a Corsham Christmas....

...One Christmas Message from the Town Council! In the first of our '12 Days of a Corsham Christmas', Ruth Hopkinson, Chair of Corsham's Town Council wishes everyone in Corsham a very Happy Christmas, showcases our independent retailers and looks ahead to 2016.  Watch video >>

Corsham Christmas Lights Switch On

Relive the 2015 Christmas Lights Switch On in Corsham and meet the 10 year old winner of the official Corsham Christmas Card competition, Sophie Atkinson, who did the official Switch On in front of the Town Hall on December 4th.  Watch video >>

'Be Safe this Christmas' say Corsham Police

Police Sergeant Ronnie Lungu who leads the Neighbourhood Policing team in Corsham and Calne recorded this message for Corsham TV, with some excellent advice for keeping your family and your presents safe this Christmas.  Watch video >>

Panache Picture House

The Panache Picture House is a pop up cinema in Box and they've a special screening for Christmas on Friday 18th December at 6:30pm of Get Santa! Founder Jo Crow told us more about it and also gave us details of her own favourite Christmas movie of all time! More information from panachepicture.co.uk  Watch video >>

Corsham Windband Christmas Video

"Another year over..." Well nearly! So goes the piece played in this preview of the Corsham Wind Band's free Christmas Concert - to be held at 3pm on December 13th at the Corsham School. The first of our Christmas themed videos! More information on: http://www.corshamwindband.org/news-events/  Watch video >>